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The Felltree Weekly Review
Changes at the Reviewa letter from our editors

Following the recent judgments at the triennial Convocation of International News Organizations, editorial leadership at the Felltree Weekly Review has removed all staff correspondents, reporters, columnists, and other individuals previously retained in a journalistic capacity. While we regret the interruption this will cause to your regular and informative weekly news, we cannot allow any taint of partiality or sectarianism to influence the true process of the press.

Effective immediately, the Review will be on a limited hiatus. We are working around the clock to recruit our next generation of writing staff, and anticipate only a brief delay in your usual service. Until such time as our publication can recommence, please rest assured all subscription fees will be waived or refunded.

The Felltree Weekly Review has centuries of experience weathering infrastructural overhauls such as these, and will continue to maintain the utmost quality in journalism through this transition. Our hiring process is time-honored and infallible. If you believe you may have the elite particularization skills required of a Weekly writer, please see below for details on how to join our team.

Convocations are often a trying time for news organizations, and despite the stability of our executive assembly, the Review is not immune to civic deteriorization. No society can ever fully eliminate these pockets of insidious discord. The best we can do is root them out when they appear and carry on.

Thank you for your understanding as we move forward to a new day.

- Meadow Owens, Chief Editor, The Felltree Weekly Review